Catch-Up With Hamburgers

April 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

There has been a lot going on — a new travel website (phase 1, section 1, still in beta, patience!), out-of-towners, last-crush Berlin research, and an expedition to Baaaaaaavaaaaria (more on that later)!

But first, a moment on the adorable city of Hamburg, just an hour north of Berlin. It’s a picturesque harbor town filled with lots of cute people. We went there for a night to catch James Blake (not the tennis player) perform, eat good food (savory rhubarb tart, traditional pizza-like flammkuchen), and peruse the mega-popular floh markt. We walked through a neighborhood dotted with record stores and Portuguese bakeries. We crashed with friends, did some shopping, and went on a few carnival rides at what felt like the German version of Coney Island. I really recommend you do the same.

– rhubarb tart and a white piano –

– a few market finds –

– hunting for records –

– carnival fare –

– a gentle reminder that we’re still in Germany –


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