On the Seventh Day, He Had Seconds

April 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

The boys from Little Otik (Brooklyn-inspired, from a former Diner chef) warned us about eating out in Berlin. (Actually, they told us to cook at home.) It’s true, we’re spoiled by the Big Apple’s fine-dining-in-casual-settings trend. But there’s an Only In Berlin business ethos that I find delightfully weird.

As if on cue, they then told us about a pair of Korean widows who found Jesus and opened up a small eatery to serve Him.

Ixthys is located on a residential street in Schöneberg, across the street from a church. The walls are covered with Bible verses, as are the laminated menus, which offer a few Korean homestyle dishes mixed in with instructions on living a Christian life!

We went over last night and had a toothsome bowl of hand-pulled noodles, spicy kimchi, and bimbimbop in a hot stone bowl (es schmeckt gut!). The ingredients tasted really fresh and were clearly prepared with proper TLC. The staff was sweet, the service was super fast, and the whole thing cost about 14€. Amen.

The divey 16-seater is located at Pallasstrasse 21, about a ten-minute walk from the U-2 at Bulöwstrasse.


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